First Time!

Brazil Bookmark- JamieAs I approach the end of my senior year of high school and prepare to graduate this spring, I look forward to what God has planned for me next. I want to be open to whatever God has in store for me, and for the past several years, God has impressed on me that He may want me in mission work. Recently God has provided me with an opportunity to get a taste of foreign missions. I am excited to announce that I will travel to Brazil this summer with my brother, Joshua, to work with Jim and Julie Leonard, missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions in Crato, Ceara.

On July 1st, my brother Joshua and I will fly to Brazil, where we will minister for 2 months. Some of the activities I will participate in while in Brazil include: attending and assisting with the Bible college’s music seminar – July 5-10; assisting with the Jr. Camp in July; helping with various youth retreats that the Leonard’s church is hosting; participating in youth events with other surrounding churches; and observing and assisting with the ladies’ ministries in the Bible college and the churches. In addition, because I am interested in children’s ministries, Julie is working on lining up as many opportunities as possible so that I can be immersed in that ministry. Some of my goals for this trip are: to see if God is directing me into full-time foreign missions; to draw closer to God; to learn more about the culture of Brazil and to see how foreign missions works; to encourage and assist the Leonards, the churches, and the Bible college there in Brazil; and to glorify God with a humble spirit and to help others see Christ. I also desire to bring home the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained so I can apply it to ministries in my home church and community.

I am asking for your prayers and support as I take this opportunity God has given me. The cost of this trip is going to be around $2,300. I know it is important to step out on faith and see God’s provision while He directs me in my life, and I am excited to see how God works as He provides the funds for this trip.

Thank you for your support. I greatly value your prayers and encouragement!

In Christ,
Jamie Huang