We Made It!

Chicago O'HareWell, we finally made it!  It’s SO wonderful here!  The flights down here went smoothly, without any major incidents for either me or Josh.

On Friday, July 1st, at 12:25pm, I boarded a very small plane in Mason City and flew to Chicago.  I had never flown in a small plane before, but it was such a great experience!  There were 8 people in the plane – 5 passengers and 3 pilots.  I got the blessing of being in the front of the plane with a TON of leg space. 🙂  We flew for about 1 1/2 hours or so and landed in the O’hare airport, where Joshua met met (he was already in Chicago for a church conference).

Our next flight was scheduled for 8:55pm, so we had about 6 hours in the airport to study, take videos of ourselves, and check in.  At around 8:30 we boarded a United Airlines plane which would take us to Sao Paulo in Brazil.  While standing in line to board the plane, Josh and I were able to meet the Petersens, a young couple from Wisconsin who was heading down to Brazil as well to assist in the Music Seminar that will be held this week.  They ordered plane tickets for the same flights that Josh and I had booked, so the 4 of us were able to travel down together.  The 10 1/2-hour flight down to Sao Paulo passed without incident, and at 9:30am Saturday morning we landed.  When I got off the plane I could definitely tell that I was in Brazil because everyone spoke Portuguese and all the signs were in Portuguese.  I was so excited to finally make it to Brazil!

Waiting for our connecting flight at Sao Paulo… – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

After a 6-hour layover, we boarded another plane that took us to Juazeiro De Norte in Crato, Brazil.  Almost of the passengers on this flight were Brazilian, and all the staff on the plane spoke Portuguese.  It was fun listening to the Brazilians converse and speaking to the airline crew in Portuguese (with the VERY small amount that I know, such as saying thank-you very much, yes, and good-evening). 🙂

At around 8:30pm, we landed in Juazeiro, where Uncle Jim (we call the Leonard’s Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie) was waiting for us with a pickup.  We drove to the Leonards’ house in Crato, where Aunt Julie met us outside to welcome us.   She gave us all hugs, and it was so wonderful to hear, “Welcome home!” 🙂  I am finally here at my new home for the summer! 🙂  I am so very thankful for this amazing opportunity that God gave to me and Josh, and I am so so SO excited to see what God has in store for me!

Praise: We made it safely to Brazil!

Prayer requests: 1. Please pray that I will be an encouragement and help to the Leonards and serve with a cheerful, humble, and serving heart.  2.  This week is the music seminar at the seminary.  Please pray that everything will run smoothly and that the staff will be united.  3.  Pray for Josh and I as we continue to learn the language here.  We already know a few words in Portuguese, but the more we can learn and the faster we can learn, the easier it will be to communicate with the people here and minister to them.  Thanks again for praying – your prayers are very much appreciated! 🙂