First Days Back- Part 1

Well, as Jamie said, we made it! This is my second time here, and it’s weird to think that three years have already transpired since I was last here. Coming back to a familiar city and a familiar culture and some old friends makes it seem like I was here just recently. I loved it the first time, so yes, it does somewhat feel like home…or at least one of my homes. I feel at home in many different places around the world right now 😛

Speaking of which, yesterday we had group devos at breakfast, and the main idea for the day was that we should not get so comfortable in any one place because then it will be hard to move on to somewhere else. We can’t become too comfortable in this world because we’re only here temporarily. So maybe it’s good that many places feel like home for me…it makes it that much easier to go to any one of these places…and hopefully it makes it that much easier to someday leave this world.

First Baptist Church of CratoAnyway…so Jamie gave an overview of our trip down here. On Sunday we went to First Baptist Church in Crato, the first of many Baptist Churches in Crato. It has several daughter churches, some of which the Leonard’s have had the privilege of working with. Last time I was here, I visited the church with Danae Oliver and the Leonard’s, and Danae and I played music for the service! It was also in a smaller building, and a larger shell had been erected around the sanctuary. Well, the inner building has now been torn down, so the sanctuary obviously looks much different and is much bigger! This is the third time this church has done an “expansion” like this in its history. They don’t have room to just add on another section to their building, so they build a new building around their old one and then tear down the inner building. Definitely not how we do it in America!

Click here to see a 360-degree view of the inside of the church. – Inside First Baptist Church of Crato

In the afternoon we ate lunch and then relaxed. We were still pretty tired from our trip the two days before. I think Jamie and I also both did a little studying too since we still have homework we need to finish from modules at Faith.

In the evening we visited a church plant that the Leonard’s are currently working with. I visited this church multiple times in 2013, and it was the first church I preached at in Brasil. It was a memorable night because it was also during the dry season, but it poured rain so much that water covered the floor of our meeting area. But we kept on going despite the wet feet! This time was less eventful, but it was still fun. Uncle Jim was asked to lead the singing, so he picked out songs with tunes that he knew we would easily recognize as Americans.

We also sang a song in English for them and then asked them to join us while we sang it again, this time in Portuguese. Afterwards we talked with people and had plenty of things to laugh about which I won’t take time to explain now. You just had to be there 😉

Afterwards we crammed into the Leonard’s blueberry and rode back to their house where we ate a little food and played several rounds of 5-player Rook with Seth and Deanna and Uncle Jim. Of course, we took a picture of it too 🙂

5-player Rook with friends! – Great way to end a great day

Well, that’s a lot! So I’ll save Monday’s adventures for a later post…this one is long enough already 🙂