Serving Christ No Matter What the Cost

Crizelite e JamieGod has a plan for every one of His followers.  He calls some to be doctors, some to be farmers, some to be businessmen, and some to be in full-time ministry.  No one job in life is less important than another, as long as the person doing it is in the center of God’s will.

Crizelite Siberia graduated from the seminary here in Crato, and she has heard God’s call for her to be a missionary.  After traveling to Bolivia and after much prayer, she knows that God wants her to serve in Bolivia.  There she will live and work full time, helping in church, school, and orphan care ministries.  Crizelite is willing to serve the Lord in a different country, culture, and language, even if it means moving away from her family (families are very tight in Northeast Brasil) and familiar surroundings.   However, when God calls someone to do something, He gives them the strength, peace, and energy to accomplish it.

Last Saturday Joshua and I had the opportunity to attend and play music in the commissioning service for Crizelite, held in a town not too far away from Crato.  Attending this commissioning service was absolutely amazing, as it not only encouraged Crizelite, but it also showed how God has and is working in this missionary’s life and in the spread of the gospel.  The service consisted of music, specials, testimonies, a sermon, prayer for Crizelite, and more.

One thing that was really neat was to see how Crizelite Commissioning Serviceso many people came to support and encourage Crizelite.  People from her church and town came to the service, but individuals came from longer distances as well.  Joshua thinks that there were at least around 300 people at the commissioning service.  I love to see how the Regular Baptist Churches here are like one big family.  Yes, the members go to different churches in different cities, but they get together for various events, they go out for supper together, and they spend time with each other, encouraging each other in their lives and walks with Christ.  This structure of the churches shows strong unity.  All the members are united through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Last night Crizelite left for Bolivia.  Many of her friends and family went to the bus stop to see her off.  They sang a song, enjoyed refreshments, hugged, and said goodbye.  While it was hard for her family and friends to say goodbye, they know that she is following God’s will for her life and going to Bolivia, the place where God has called her to serve Him with her time, energy, money, and life.  May Crizelite and her obedience to God help us remember to pray for and encourage our missionaries and to be willing to obey the Lord and follow Him, no matter what the cost.