About Us

Joshua with FriendOi! My name is Joshua, and I am a child of God! In addition to that privilege, I am also the first of eight children in my family, and along with my parents we are all children of God. I grew up in Mason City, IA and have many great memories from my time there. At the age of 5 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and at the age of 7 I was baptized by my grandpa. At the age of 14, while attending Junior High Camp at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, I dedicated my life to Christ, and later that same year I sensed God beginning to direct me into full-time vocational ministry.

Over the last decade I have enjoyed serving the Lord in several different ways, most notably at IRBC and in various local churches that I have had the privilege of serving with. I enrolled at Faith Baptist Bible College in 2009 and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in pastoral studies in 2013. I am now working on finishing up my Master of Divinity from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, and I look forward to where God will take me next.

While attending school at Faith, God burdened me with church planting, specifically in the United States. Although I am open to God’s leading to anywhere else, for now I believe He is directing me to stay in the US. But I also know that God could change that desire at any time He chooses! More than anything I feel blessed that God would choose to use me to accomplish His work.

JamieHi! My name is Jamie Huang. I am the 4th of 8 children in my family, and I have been homeschooled my whole life. I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, who has saved me from my sins and promised me eternal life and fellowship with God. Now I strive to live for Him and trust in Him to guide me as I seek to follow His will for my life.

Brazil will help me to determine if full-time missions is what God wants for me, but right now my plan is to go into missions or else something working with children. Currently my plan is to transfer to Faith and get my a two-year Bible degree. After that if I don’t get a four-year degree then I would like to possibly go into missions where I live with a missionary family and help out.